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05. December 2019
15,000 People Reached

Ensuring reliable energy supply for a remote hospital in Myanmar

Borealis established the Borealis Social Fund to foster its role as a socially responsible company and to create value for society and business alike. In 2019, the Fund supported a project in rural Myanmar, helping to improve healthcare for the local community by providing a reliable electricity supply to the area’s only hospital.

Kanni, in central Myanmar, is six to seven hours by car from the nearest large city. Its small community hospital is the sole source of emergency care for nearly 15,000 inhabitants in Kanni and the surrounding rural villages. A reliable electricity supply for the hospital is absolutely crucial, particularly during operations. However, like many such facilities, the hospital operated off the electricity grid, with emergency power provided only by a small and polluting diesel generator.

The project to rectify this was initiated by Bright Foundation, a Belgian non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing green energy solutions to underdeveloped rural communities. Over 18 months, Bright Foundation worked to engineer a solution using photovoltaic modules based on Borealis’ Quentys™ solar brand. The double glass modules were produced by a Borealis customer, Trina Solar in China, while an international logistics company and a Myanmar energy group provided additional assistance. The final construction phase was made possible with the support of the Kanni villagers, who will directly benefit from this source of clean and reliable electricity.

“Bringing green electricity to remote rural areas like Kanni highlights Borealis’ commitment to being socially responsible,” states Rudi Peters, Borealis Global Value Chain Manager Solar. “This project is a clear example of how innovative polyolefin-based solutions like Quentys can add value to society and improve people’s lives.”

Thanks to Borealis' support, Kanni hospital has all the power it needs, making it a dream come true for patients and staff.

Nando Galazzo - Managing Director Bright Foundation

“Thanks to the efforts of all the partners, the Kanni hospital finally has an electricity supply it can count on, 24/7, 365 days a year,” says Dorothea Wiplinger, Borealis Sustainability Manager. “Outfitting just one hospital with reliable and cost-efficient access to electricity makes an enormous difference, whether in the health and wellbeing of the local patients or the working conditions of the hospital staff.”

"A remote rural hospital with no electricity means no fridge to keep medicine safe, no light and no air conditioning in the operating theatre, while temperatures reach 40°C,” says Nando Galazzo, Managing Director Bright Foundation. “Thanks to Borealis’ support, Kanni hospital has all the power it needs, making it a dream come true for patients and staff.”

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