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27. September 2007
United Arab Emirates

Pioneering the first plastics pipe academy in the Middle East

Establishing long-term and sustainable water solutions is of paramount importance in the Middle East, one of the world’s most water stressed and fastest growing regions in the world. It requires applying the highest quality standards and improving installation and maintenance techniques. Initiated by Borouge, the Gulf Plastics Pipe Academy (GPPA) is a pioneering organisation with the mission of raising standards as well as providing knowledge and expertise along the entire water value chain.

The sustainability of water and sanitation systems depends largely on the quality standards of pipe systems and the professional skills of the installation and maintenance teams. In the Middle East, one of the most water stressed regions in the world, the adoption of high product quality standards and good training schemes are particularly important to ensure that the investment in the infrastructure provides the local communities with long-term benefits.

The availability of water in the Middle East has always been limited. But today, with a growing population and increasing agricultural and industrial development, water is more than ever a precious resource.

Over the last few years, the transformation of the Gulf region’s arid landscapes into fertile environments owes much to the widespread use of plastic pipes for water delivery systems. Cost-effective and able to withstand tough physical and climatic conditions, plastics pipes have became the ideal choice for this role. However, experience in other fast developing regions have shown that unless efforts are made early on in standardisation and training, the results may not be as expected, leading to a loss of confidence in plastics systems.

Establishing the first Pipe Academy

Initiated by Borouge, the Gulf Plastic Pipe Academy (GPPA) has been established with the goal of providing knowledge and expertise to industry partners along the value chain. It is a pioneering initiative to develop a strong basis for sustainable investments and management of water resources.

The range of services of the GPPA is based on the needs identified by the entire pipe value chain for the exceptionally tough environment in the region. The GPPA will engage members in operational committees to develop strategies for knowledge sharing and training, promotion, standardisation and certification along with health, safety and environmental matters.

A unique offer in the Middle East

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) progress has been made in developing a high quality pipe industry and Abu Dhabi, as the capital of the UAE, has a strong education foundation that complements the GPPA mission.

The GPPA will provide education, training and testing at facilities that will be constructed in Abu Dhabi, close to the Petroleum Institute, an engineering school active in research related to oil and gas. GPPA buildings will also house an exhibition area, lecture hall, training rooms and a laboratory for physical and chemical testing, an outside pipe installation area, storage warehouse and offices.

Targeting future needs in the UAE

The Emirates Foundation is one of the UAE’s foremost philanthropic organisations. It offers financial and technical support to projects that enrich the lives of people in the Emirates, particularly in the areas of youth development, knowledge creation, and society and culture.

The Foundation facilitates links between commercial businesses and the public sector to devise new projects and strengthen existing nonprofit initiatives throughout the country. Its funding comes from programme-rated contributions and a capital reserve supported by the Abu Dhabi government and private companies. The specific initiatives supported fall within the following core areas: education, social development, environmental development, science and technology, and art and culture.

Borouge is proud to be a founding member of the Gulf Plastics Pipe Academy. Promoting the use of specified plastics pipe systems and good installation practices in the Middle East has never been more important, since robust and leak-free pipe networks are a fundamental element in any country’s infrastructure. Borouge recognises the role it can play in addressing the global challenge of clean water availability and sanitation, and ensure the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate.

Harald Hammer — Chief Executive Officer of Borouge Pte.

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